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Posted by: Brian Eck
Fri October 21, 2016
RIP to the only Grandmother I knew.  She married into a family, soon to grow (ie. an older, handsome man.)  Her new husband had 3 children, all over 18.  Within my family tree, (she married before I was born) she treated me like a grand child, since I had not other Grand Mom I am forever thankful for filling that role.

As I matured she treated me like a peer within "this family."  She never gave-up secrets shared, but she always extended trust, and love to friends and others I brought around.  

I haven't cried until now, when typing this, but I want to thank her for being my Grand Mom.  She was my mothers' step-mom, only 12-years different between the two of them in age.  Yet, they connected to provide a loving impact on my family, she wasn't acting, SHE WAS MY GRANDMOTHER.  My mother, married to an Air-Force officer, after birthing young children accepted Jean, and after many visits 200+ miles away, us visiting them, them visiting us provided a Grand Mother I never would have had without the shared efforts of my mom and Grand Mom.  My cousins, I probably would have had much less contact with too.  

Her place within the family, by wanting to love us, and us loving her whittled down her square-peg to a perfect circle, in (this), her Grand Son's eyes by she assured this post, tears and memories.  I'll gladly proclaim I am her legacy, I AM HER GRANDSON.  

I'll miss her dearly, I'll miss her love of Antique Cars, (she had a Classic Mustang (Sort-of, lol), A Cadillac (Long, Yellow **introduced me to 8-tracs.)  and loved a 1928 Model-A ford her husband had.  

Her cooking was hesitant, but Shake and Bake pork-chops, strawberry rhubarb pie (rhubarb from her garden) home made Salad Dressings, her mothers' recipe and the best I ever had, and most of all RUM CAKE!  Yeah, with a good recipe, good direction, encouragement she was everything I could have asked as a Grand Mother.  RIP Ma'am.    I love you Grand Mom, I can never thank you enough for your Grand Kids as you would have, as your own.


Posted by: Brian Eck
Sat October 22, 2016
*Might be a double post, sorry :(