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Cremation-With-Care funeral home providers are cremation experts. We offer the greatest measure of respect for wishes because your trust and confidence is essential. Every cremation is performed in accordance with the highest level of ethical cremation standards and procedures.

Choosing cremation rather than burial does not diminish the value of a wonderful life. Cremation, like burial...is simply the disposition of the physical body of the deceased. It does not preclude you from planning a Remembrance Gathering or creating a permanent memorial in a cemetery, mausoleum, or cremation garden that can be visited regularly by family and friends. A Remembrance Gathering honoring the wonderful life of a loved one may take place either before or after the cremation process. 

More and more people are moving toward creating colorful, personalized ways to say goodbye to loved one. Remembrance Gatherings often include playing their favorite music, serving their favorite foods and displaying photographs and other mementos that celebrate their individuality. You might even consider planning a themed Remembrance Gathering. No matter what your vision of what an ideal last hurrah might be, don't be afraid to ask your Remembrance Planner.

The remembrance of the heart, spirit and soul of your loved one is a treasure which only you and your family can truly know and cherish. We offer a diverse selection of permanent cremation urns to choose from in many different styles, themes & hobbies, as well as works of art that will be displayed & enjoyed for generations. Sharing the cremated remains with Family Keepsakes and Cremation Jewelry helps to keep your loved ones memory close to heart.

Cremation Services

Cremation is the process of reducing the body to bone fragments through the application of intense heat.

Laws & Requirements Regarding Cremation

Cremation is the final disposition of human remains. There may be legal requirements or crematory requirements for this process.

In Illinois, cremation may not be done until 24 hours following death.

A coroner's permit is also required for cremation.

Embalming is not required for a cremation. The funeral home may require embalming if you select a ceremony option with public viewing.

Caskets are not required to be purchased for a cremation. The crematory requires the remains to be placed in a cardboard container for the cremation.

If earth burial is preferred, an urn may be purchased for the cremains.

Cremation Service Options

Cremation does not limit your choices for services. You may personalize the services you desire. Below are some options for a cremation service.

Funeral Ceremony & Visitation Prior To Cremation

This option allows you the benefit of a funeral either with or without a visitation prior to the cremation. You may purchase a casket or use a rental casket for the service. Following the service, the cremation will take place. Usually, a graveside service is held for the interment of the cremains, or the family may keep the cremains at home or make arrangements to scatter the cremains.

Memorial Services Following Cremation

This allows the benefit of a memorial service following the cremation. In this option, there is usually no viewing of the remains or services prior to cremation. The memorial service can be held at the funeral home or in a church.

Direct Cremation

There is no service or viewing of the remains with this option. The family may make arrangements for burial or scattering of the cremains.


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An urn is a permanent container in which the cremains may be placed. They come in many styles, shapes, sizes and materials. The family may choose to bury the cremains in a cemetery or keep the cremains at home. To the left are pictures of some urns we offer.

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